This is what the Project is about

In a global world the number of families who often relocate abroad is constantly increasing . Their kids make friends in different countries. In Germany there is a tradition to remebre or even stay in touch with friends from kindergarden and elemantary school. It is a so called friendship book. Every friend gets invited to fill out 1 or 2 pages of this book and add their portrait photo.These books are available in one language only. So it don't adjust to a mobile life. Time to change this!

Living a mobile life is a challange. Especially for kids, this life has also its downsides: it is difficult to grow roots. But this friendship book proves that you can find a good friend in every corner of the world. 

It helps to grow roots because to a lot of people home isn't a place but friends and family. To remember your friends or even stay in touch with them makes you grow roots.


The idea is to create a friendship book that fits a mobile life abroad. Loose leaf collections will be available in at least the 10 most common languages in this world. But we strive to offer even more languages. So: no need to translate the book pages by yourself! You can simply order the pages in the language of your current home country.

You can eventually collect those loose leaf collections from your different home countries in one cute Folder, designed for languages written from left to right as well as written from right to left. 

This friendship book is going to be as flexible as the lifestyle it is created for!

We need your Support!

Support us with your language skills by helping us to translate the friendship page in all the -yes, you read wright- languages! Find more information here.

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